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Welcome to the GREATEST resource to help you run a successful REI business! Data, marketing, automation & tools, funding, a network of like-minded individuals looking for JV opportunities, and more!

Got a lead list? Tired of sending out postcards and making cold calls only to have a fraction of a percent convert to a truly motivated seller?

This is the program for you!

We convert your lead list into active inbound leads. This means the leads will be the ones reaching out to YOU asking for an offer. But here's the kicker: We convert in a matter of hours. Not days, weeks, or months like other strategies. WARNING: Be prepared to follow up ASAP. They will be flowing in FAST!

Easy, Affordable. Accurate. Reliable.

Get the data you need to reach your leads faster. Get it right the first time.

Our batch skip tracing service appends ONE BEST phone number and line type to your lead list, from data generated by real life events. 

Need more data? We can also append email, demographics, financial, household, and more!

Got a deal and need a cash buyer? Got an established cash buyers list of real relationships you've built but struggling to find them deals? Join our matchmaking service for FREE.

We match you with other wholesalers in our network that have the other piece of the puzzle.

Looking for more services? Upgrade to premium and get access to resources like Property Valuations, Deal Analysis, Deal Marketing Flyers and more!

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