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sms script

Short and sweet and extremely effective!


Subject: House on 123 Example St... I would like to shoot you an offer on this property 123 Example St Whoville, XX 00000. Call me at 5555555555 – Your First Name

rvm script

Here's what your leads hear when they listen to their voicemail.

*In our messages, we represent you as your partner.

TIP: Female voices tend to convert better because they are usually less intimidating to the seller.

24 hour

Lead filtering



Call your campaign caller ID # to hear what your leads hear when they call back.

It is very informative, purposely long and proven!

Leads that show interest after listening to this message are HOT LEADS!

*In our messages, we represent you as your partner.

cold calling script

Sound confused at the start but then grow confident.


Build rapport, rapport, rapport!

Gather information but DO NOT sell yourself. Genuinely care for the lead and their distressed situation and the profits will follow.

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