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Motivated Sellers and Cash Buyers: Who They Are And How To Find Them


In the world of real estate investing and wholesaling, you hear the term "motivated seller" a lot. But what makes the distinction between a seller and a motivated one? Also known as "Distressed Sellers", these are not people that WANT to sell their house. These are people that NEED to sell their house. You are helping them out of a undesirable situation.

•Facing Foreclosure (Pre-foreclosure)

•Relocating / Job Loss

•Inherited an Unwanted Property

•Tired of Being A Landlord

•Going Through A Divorce

There are lots of marketing methods to find these motivated sellers or "generate these leads". Some of those methods are driving for dollars, bandit signs, door hangers, post cards, yellow letters, cold calling, website SEO, and pay per click... just to name a few.



Buyers are other investors looking to buy properties at a discount. They are usually



•Other wholesalers

To generate cash buyer leads to build your buyers list, most wholesalers use things like Craigslist, Bandit Signs, Website SEO, MLS records of recent cash purchases, Local REI Association, local Meetups, and auctions, just to name a few.

But guess what? There is a better way to find properties and buyers. And it’s a strategy used by the most elite investors within their “inner circles”. Check out the following article to learn more!

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